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Junior Application

Junior Division Application Guide
Junior Division applicants are students in grades 6-8, generally middle school. 
Required Items for Application:
1. Tidewater Science & Engineering Fair 
2. TEAM Projects Sheet & Media Release for each team member
3. Abstract (ISEF form NO longer required)
4. Project Paper with References:  Headings to include Introduction, Procedures, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References Cited (Minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources). References may be in MLA, APA, Chicago or Harvard style.  Links are not considered acceptable documentation of a reference. This replaces the bibliography.  Only sources cited in the paper may be listed.

Additional forms are required for students certain research topics. If your project falls into any of the categories below, please work closely with your adult sponsor to ensure you have prior-approval and the additional required forms are completed and signed before your start your experiment.  For more information visit the Regeneron ISEF Rules Wizard or contact us.
  • Human Subjects (including surveys) - requires IRB prior approval
  • Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents - requires IRB/SRC prior approval 
  • Vertebrate Animals - requires IACUC/SRC prior approval 
  • Research Settings Other than Home 
  • Continuing Research